Pitch a Change

A platform focused on social ideas sponsored by political campaign money.

The Republican Party is under represented by Millennials. This generation distrusts politicians. Furthermore, there is a huge disconnection of interests and values between them. The Millennial generation relates with Do-it-Yourself and Do-it-For Yourself mindset - and this is represented by the “boom” of startups and personal projects. How can we reconnect these two?

For the first time The Republican Party is going to run a campaign based more on actions and less on promises. By investing (a big part of) the money they are supposed to spend on their political campaign they will generate a platform that will collect start-ups ideas of business from young Americans to solve cities and citizens problems.

Silver Winner Young Glory 2014 / Role: Concept, Art Director /Judge: Jason Gaboriau - Vice President & ECD, CP+B