The Last Tiger Fur Auction

A fake online Tiger Fur Auction that turns out as a complaint.

Wild tiger numbers are at an all-time low. We have lost 97% of them in just over a century. As few as 3,200 exist in the wild today. If the wild tiger population continues to decline at the current rate, recovery may not be possible. To increase awareness about the risk of extinction we came up with a fake online tiger fur auction that will help to expose the buyers.

If there are people to buy poaching products, there is a reason to kill a tiger. Even if they are in danger of extinction. The buyers dissociate themselves from the killing process. They pay around $80 for a tiger bone wine and thousands for the original fur. How much would you pay for the last tiger fur on Earth? 

Bronze Winner Young Glory 2014 / Role: Concept, Art Director /Judge: Valerie Cheng - COO, JWT Singapore